Day 13: Those Peanut Butter Vibes

Obsessed with this song right now, Gooey by Glass Animals.

It’s got such a smooth groove and I can’t help but sway with it, eyes closed, hands in the air. I have been listening to it on repeat for the last two hours, and the energy just flows from my ears right down through my hands and into the pen.

Not sure what’s been happening but after a short slump when we got back from Europe, I get into the creative zone more often than ever.

Being completely focused in this zone for the past two hours is such a happy relief from the rest of the day when so many different things have been competing for my attention.

Two for one today, because I’m so inspired. I wonder in hindsight if it’s because today is my 13th day, and 13 is my favorite number.

So, the flows:

Love, light, and swell.

Day 12: Expression Session

I had good reason to miss posting over the weekend. 

1. There was no decent internet connection where I was

2. The weekend was a good two days of creativity and mental stretching in and out of the water, I just didn’t post about it

My friends and I spent the weekend in La Union, soaking in the slow provincial life and enjoying fun fun surfing sessions with just us in the water. I got to take out my new transitioning-to-short board, which I have happily named my Potato Chip, because it really looks like one and I love to snack.

After all the exercise, every meal was an opportunity to discuss life in-depth. We talked about dreams and direction, desires and distractions. It was probably the most philosophical weekend ever, doubly enjoyed because of such great company.

I may not live by the beach (yet), but surfing is a huge part of my life. It is ridiculously demanding and yet equally rewarding. My weekends are planned around whether or not there’s a good swell. Sometimes my weekdays are taken up too. The joy of a great weekend at the beach, with fun and challenging surf, and in the company of the best of friends—one of the best feelings in life. 

Here’s my Day 12 with what could possibly have been two days’ worth of effort put into it. 

Til next time.

Love, light, and swell.

Day 11: Renewal

Day 9: Me-time

I worked from home today, read a lot, pre-cooked home meals, made cookies, read some more, had a haircut, had dinner with Nicky and the priest who married us, had some good long conversations. 

I feel like I did a lot today, and though I’m tired, I’m satisfied. I’m still scatterbrained, feeling better from the flu, but my energy is gaining focus again and it feels great. The rest of the week is going to be hectic and I get to surf this weekend. I have butterflies in my tummy, in a good way. 

Butterflies, or maybe a surfeit of cookies, in my tummy. This was my Day 9 creative pursuit: make some goddamn good cookies. I got halfway there, they’re good, maybe not damn good yet. Soon. I will find the perfect recipe.

I really wanted to just flake today since I got home really late and I didn’t feel like posting, I just wanted to flop into bed. But it’s good to keep promises to yourself.

Love, light, and swell.

Day 8: Daydreaming

I spent most of the day knocked out from NyQuil, napping and waking up groggy and sweaty. I think I’m beating the flu, and it feels to me this one is going away faster than usual, and I think it’s because Nicky is forcing me to drink so much water.

All I could manage to do with my fuzzy scatterbrained mind today was daydream about being back in the water, and plot (yes, PLOT, like a villain) my future endeavours, and force myself through this latest book Maximize Your Potential from 99u. Maybe I read these sorts of things because they reaffirm the way I’ve chosen to lead my life and build business, and I need this reassurance because so few people around me are actually working this way. It’s difficult but I feel it is right. I’d recommend it to anyone that wants to further themselves in their career. 

Mostly what keeps me going through weird days like this is imagining the life I want to have, and backtracking from there. I have a pretty solid idea of what I want to have accomplished and what I want to be doing by mid-life, and it has surprisingly been the same thing since I was really young. I got lost along the way but once I started really listening to myself, I was back on track. 

And because my solid, feasible life plan is to be a mermaid, I drew one.


Love, light, and swell.

Day 7: Don’t Quit

I missed Day 7. I felt really bad about that. Not even a week in and already I tripped up. I’m the type to beat myself up over a slip like that, and feel so disappointed with myself that I couldn’t wouldn’t continue.

But I’m trying to change and if I give up now it will never happen. It’s okay to fail. I need to forgive myself and keep on trying, because the joy is in the journey, not the destination. 

Sabs, Don’t Quit. 

Love, light, and swell.

Day 6: Bangag

I’ve been feeling sick all day and begun to think maybe all that activity yesterday was not such a great idea there has been a fog clouding up my brain and I’ve been so slow and just bloated and not at all up to anything even though there were so many things to do today and people to meet (Sunday is not rest day, Sunday is the LEAST restful day of the week, driving south to north and norther and south to see people I am related to aka family, play catch up and see cutie babies I can’t hold because I’m sick) 

This pretty much sums up what I’m feeling:

Love, light, and swell, from haggard ol’ me. 

Tomorrow will be better. I hope.

Day 5: Limit and Summit

Today was the first ever time I’ve gone hiking. My feet are sore, my shoulders sunkissed, and my heart is happy. I got my nature time for the week and I can work more productively the next few days.

I was expecting a leisurely hike, but this was an honest to goodness trek. I was out of breath for most of it, my muscles burning from exertion. I wasn’t with any of my close friends and I was thrown quite suddenly out of my comfort zone.

Best thing that’s happened to me in a while. I’d almost forgotten what it meant to be out of my comfort zone, to confront my limits and push myself. It happened in a really good way today, with great company, awe inspiring views, and the tough love of a hiking trail. We reached the summit and I found I had also reached new heights in myself. A truly satisfying day.

So day 5 is a photo, one I took not even halfway through.

Love, light and swell.